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AAMP or African American Mentoring Program brings together middle school students and college students from similar backgrounds. AAMP works to help students find their place in the world through mentoring and discussion of Black History and current events.

ART CLUB gives students an opportunity to extend the experiences they have in the classroom and try out new mediums. For students who don’t have Art during the year, this is a perfect opportunity to still have the Art experience.

ARTSMARTS is an after school program which focuses on developing high level thinking skills through art based activities. ArtSmarts is open to all CRMS students , but regular attendance is recommended as many of our projects require more than one session to complete.

BARBS ON THE RUN is a running group open to ALL CRMS ladies! We meet twice a week with the ultimate goal of ending our season racing a 5K. Along the way we'll talk about topics such as health/fitness, goal setting, healthy relationships, body image, etc. Come on out and join us for fitness, friendship, and fun!

BSU/BLACK STUDENT UNION promotes positive self-image through discussion of topics pertinent to the black community. BSU works to give students a leadership voice in our school community as well as community service. It is open to any middle school student who wants to participate.

BUILDERS CLUB is sponsored by Kiwanis and is for students who want to take positive, constructive action to build a better world for themselves and others. Builders Club members participate in many community service activities that benefit our school, community and world.

CHICAS or Changing How I Can Achieve Success provides a diverse perspective on the future Latino community, academic success, social interaction, and reflection of their cultural past through support from positive role models.

FRISBEE CLUB is the chance to playing the fast, fun and exciting game of Ultimate Frisbee. Club time will focus on building skills and playing the game.

GREEN CLUB is for students interested in learning how-to reduce their carbon footprint in the world. We will focus on a school-wide recycling program, alternative energy sources, and organic food products. We will also be looking at various pre-fab and modular homes while researching Green companies throughout the world.

INTRAMURALS is a sports program open to all 6th graders that allows a chance to try out different sports and activities. Students do not need a sports physical and can come to activities that interest them and not come to those that don’t. Some activities include bowling, basketball, soccer, track, kickball, dodgeball, volleyball and softball.

EQUALITY CLUB is open to anyone interested in supporting the differences found in our student community. Safe Spot provides students with resources on LGBTQ and provides a safe space to get educated, be supportive, ask questions and focus on school safety topics such as anti-bullying of any kind.

SCHOLASTIC BOWL is a team jeopardy-like format where students compete with other schools to answer questions about academics and popular culture.

SCIENCE FAIR—Each year all students have the opportunity to participate in the science fair.

8th grade students do this as part of their science class, but 6th and 7th grade students are welcome to participate as well.

SIGN LANGUAGE CLUB is where students learn the basics of sign language and is open to all students at CRMS.

SPEECH/DRAMA CLUB gives students the chance to experience different forms of performance speaking and acting events such as plays, improv, dramatic reading and public speaking. Students who are interested in debating, acting, or just having fun should join the forensics club!

SPELLING BEE All students grades 6-8 will have an opportunity to participate in qualifying rounds of a Scripps recognized spelling bee. Qualifying students will proceed to the school, district, or county rounds.

STUDENT COUNCIL gives students a chance to have a leadership voice in our school and helps them build leadership qualities through service to the school and community. Student Council helps plan and organize activities and projects which advance the social and civic development of the student body and promotes school spirit and cooperation between the faculty, administration, and school body.

STUDENT SHOWCASE is a special night in the spring dedicated to showcasing student artwork, musical talents, and writing. Students volunteer to share their work, snack on some refreshments, peruse the book fair, and enter raffles to win prizes!

STUDY CLUB is open to all students at Clinton Rosette and meets after school 3 days per week. Study Club provides a quiet environment for students who need a place to complete assignments, access a computer or who need the extra time to keep up with their work. Study Club is a great tool for helping students be successful in middle school.

T.E.L.O.S. is a network of students, staff, and NIU students who are members of Supporting Opportunities for Latinos (S.O.L.). Our mission is to help TELOS members achieve success in school, prioritize goals, make decisions, and feel more independent and confident.

YEARBOOK CLUB is responsible for putting together the school yearbook. Students participate in activities like formatting the yearbook and taking the candid photos that appear throughout our yearbook.

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    • Listen to announcements for club meeting days and times.
    • Club permission forms are available in the main office or from the club sponsor.
    • Most clubs are free or have a small fee. Please let the club sponsor or coach know if you need help with the fee.
    • Club meetings are generally after school until 3:50. There is an activity bus for students who normally ride the bus to school that leaves CRMS at about 4pm. Activity Bus routes and stops are available in our main office and on the district website.